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Why I Love Editorial Portraiture.

There are so many sides to each of us, there are so many parts that make up a whole of a person. I think if you can capture one of those parts or even a few in a still image captured at "160th" of a second you have achieved something.

Being able to show a part of an actress, artist or politician that no one else has seen that you have helped illuminate, that interests me, that makes me excited. Not only to be able to direct them into showing that part of themselves but to be able to create an environment or world in which they can do that. Wether its a roadside cafe close to their home that makes them feel centred and at peace,

Actress Shannyn Fourie by Photographer Brigitte Stanford “brigford"
Actress Shannyn Fourie

or a neon pink dreamscape created in studio that makes them feel like it is in line with everything that encompass them, and invigorates their spirit.

Jimmy Nevis  by Photographer Brigitte Stanford “brigford"
Jimmy Nevis

To be able to work with Artists and like minded people to create something that showcases them, is a privilege and an honour.

Every individual and concept comes with its only creative challenges, and I love a good challenge. Easy bores me.

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