IS FILM STILL a thing?

Recently I got asked by an international online publication to take some Night Time Self Portraits in Winter in Cape Town, which made me think about how much more I should be shooting on film, because it has a quality and feel unlike anything else.

Film is still king in my books, however it is often unpredictable, and you cant really grade or do too much post work with it, unless you have your own dark room and the proper training. However, that is the beauty of film, sometimes you get it perfect that it all most looks digital, and sometimes a light leak or a mistake in the lab during processing, or an old lens makes for a chance effect that can be surreal and breathtaking!

Below I am going to show you some of my favourite “New Wave" photographers that shoot on film:

Duran Levinson : DURANITE

"Director + Content Creator * Analog Photography /// Digital Cinematography /// Editing /// Visual Effects Supervision. Full time freelancer working between Africa, Europe + AsiaCurrently based in Berlin (May-Sep 2018)."

I have the pleasure of actually knowing this dude. He is pretty cool all over. To me, Duranite’s work is to put it very simply, FIERCE and contrasting, urban street culture, grunge and rule breaking. There is a crazy wild spirit that documents everything it see’s in reckless abandonement and its name is Duran Levinson.

Leanne Surfleet

"Leannes journey is of a personal nature, her work explores themes of loneliness, nostalgia, anxiety & light."

I have an appreciation for Surfeit, because her work speaks to a dark and romantic part of me. It also has a naive almost “I don’t care what anyone thinks of this” feel to it. She shoots what she loves and what she is drawn to and their is a lot of courage in doing that.

Mafalda Silva

"Mafalda Silva is a fashion and portrait photographer living and working in London, UK."

Silva has some incredible clients, and I love that she is a strictly a film Fashion & Portraiture photographer. Again her work is not classical or technical, it sort of is what it is, she likes it, she shoots it and thats it. Simple and real.

Samuel Bradley

"Samuel grew up in the sprawling Devonshire countryside. He is based between London and New York."

Samuel Bradley’s shoots on 120MM Film. His work is more technical and compositionally correct. However it still retains a sense of chance, as if he strikes this perfect balance between a planned and yet spontaneous shot. There is a dark, moody and brokenness to his work that I really enjoy.

There are so many film photographers that I love and Im sure this will be an ongoing affair of mine over the years!

Im still finding my voice in my own film work, every time I pick up my film camera I am so weight down by the immense gratitude I have for the first makers of film. Its almost too precious too shoot with, butI need to get over it and have fun with the medium.

See below some of my film work:

Thanks as always!

x BrigFord

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