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Muscat, Oman , 2017

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Muscat, Oman, 2017. 
This place was meant to be a great beginning to something, an introduction to the Middle East, a first chapter, to what Im not quite sure yet. 
To me the images show the wonder of a new country seen with fresh eyes. I had never seen desert quite like this.. the colors, pastel browns, creams and pinks. The dusty blue skies.
I manipulated these images in post quite a bit, I was in Oman for just over a month and had very little sleep and was under quite a bit of pressure there ( for reasons Id rather not discuss ) but I was the sharpest and the most on edge I have ever been in may life, and on a permanent caffeine high. I think the colors shown here, emulate that acid like, neurotic state of mind. 

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